Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

by Tamika Eason on June 28, 2012

Sometimes your body breaks at the very same time as your spirit. Hurt is heavy and every heart has its limit. So when she looked over at me I felt something in her silence. Her eyes spoke words weightier than she could bear–behind blinking lids she tried to hold on.

Those next few moments were terrifying. Watching her eyes clinch shut and arms shoot straight out and her wrists pointing down with fists balled tight. We didn’t try to move her just tried to keep her from swallowing her tongue. But she bit down; bit down hard like we all do when we are breaking.

Strange how after the seizure she started snoring, fell into a deep sleep. Her body slumped in the chair–the full weight of her suddenly held in my arms. And I held my snoring, broken-spirited sister with a heart swelling.

What I wondered while she was snoring was where she was? Where do the broken go when they break?

We wiped the sweat from her face, placed an industrial fan in the corner of the room. We prayed, called emergency services. All of these things while I wondered where her hurt went away to.

Then I remembered–the torn veil. She took entrance into rest, exchanged her burden for His. She’s chose the lighter load.

To us it seems natural to want to do it all–take care of ourselves. But we sin in that thinking–shun Christ, Calvary.

Could that be why Christ told us to,cast your cares on Him, because He cares for us.” Because only He can bear the weight of all and not break. He’s been afflicted with every affliction and yet death could not hold him. How’s that for tackling hurt?!

And that last night in vacation bible school, after my sister left in the ambulance, we learned the sacred lesson: Our invitation to the Throne is where every heart must come.

We have this awesome privilege to go to God! He wipes every tear from our eyes, blesses us with every spiritual blessing, and soon He will robe us in eternal righteousness–glorious new unbreakable bodies!

Until then friends…


Today we groan for heaven, for the day when pain will cease and only tearless eyes will be present…

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Ellie Kings July 17, 2012 at 12:01 am

Oh Tamika these last 2 blog posts grabbed my heart. Tears for your children & for your sister. Thank God we have Daddy to minister healing & somehow ease the pain. Ive missed reading your posts dear friend. Your blog looks absolutely wonderful! You’re doing a phenomenal job! So proud to have seen the before & after. May God continue to provide you with His strength, grace. & wisdom. Much love & hugs!


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